Reviewing local health policies

03 Jul 2017

A number of NHS services in Liverpool are being reviewed to make the best use of resources and ensure we use treatments which work best for local people.

NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is working together with Halton, Knowsley, Southport and Formby, South Sefton, St Helens and Warrington CCGs on a project called ‘Reviewing local health policies’ to agree a number of clinical procedures based on certain criteria.

The review aims to ensure that patients receive the appropriate healthcare in the right place at the right time, that treatments with no or very little evidence of effectiveness are not used, and procedures are carried out for maximum clinical or functional benefit, not for cosmetic of psychological reasons. Instead, clinicians will explore other, more suitable treatments for patients with these types of needs.

The review will help ensure services are up to date with the latest national guidelines, methods and technology, whilst also offering value for money. 

Where possible, another aim is to try and standardise the policies and treatments available across the seven CCG areas.

A spokesperson for NHS Liverpool CCG said: “The quality of care given to patients is the most important factor in developing these policies.

“By working together in this review we can make sure that NHS resources are being spent in the best way, looking at the latest medical advice and treatments, getting the best care and outcomes for patients.

“Patients who might not be eligible for treatment will still be able to apply through an individual funding request (IFR) where appropriate.”

Treatments being reviewed over the next few months in this first phase of the programme include removal of piles, cataract surgery, laser tattoo removal and treatments for hairloss.

You can view all of the policies being reviewed and find out how to have your say here: – until the 18th September 2017.

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