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ALTAS Partner Details



The ALTAS partners are listed below by country, together with the named lead from each organisation.


  • Dave Horsfield, NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (Leader Partner)
  • Cathy Griffiths, Edge Hill University
  • Sarah Weston, HF Trust Limited
  • Charlotte Hall, North West Coast Academic Science Network (Innovation Agency)
  • Jon Dawson, Smarter Futures


  • Kim Koldby, UCL University College Lilleabaelt


  • Shabs Rajasekharan, Smarter Futures


  • Marianne Holmesland, Municipality of Kvinesdal (Lister Region)


  • Jorge Garces Ferrer,  Polibienstar Research Institute, University of Valencia
  • Vicente Traver-Salcedo, University Politecnica de Valencia
  • Shabs Rajasekharan, Smarter Futures


You can find the ALTAS Toolkit that the partners produced here and further information on the ALTAS project here.