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ALTAS Toolkit



The separate ALTAS website has now been taken down, but the useful training materials developed during the programme are listed below.  

These are available for organisations developing their own Assistive Living Technology training courses to adopt or adapt as necessary, free of charge, providing the following conditions are accepted:

  • The ALTAS Erasmus+ programme must be credited as the source;
  • The materials are being shared in good faith, but the ALTAS programme collaborators do not warrant that the materials will be error-free, suitable for your specific purpose, or satisfy current legal, governance and other requirements in your region; and
  • If the ALTAS materials are copied or shared then these conditions must be copied and shared with them.

You can find further information on the ALTAS project here and a list of the ALTAS partners here


Resources from the ALTAS project:

ALTAS – Toolkit

ALTAS – Curriculum accreditation

ALTAS – Handbook module 1

ALTAS – Handbook module 2

ALTAS – Steps needed to launch e-Course in new region

ALTAS – Contents and format for e-Course

ALTAS – e-Course pilot

ALTAS – Poster

ALTAS – Flyer

ALTAS – The Scope of Assistive Living Technology video case studies

ALTAS – Consent and Mental Capacity

ALTAS – Effective Communication & ALT

ALTAS – Person Centred Care and ALT Assessment

ALTAS – Pre-course questionnaire

ALTAS – Post-course questionnaire

ALTAS – Final evaluation