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NHS Liverpool CCG is working with a wide range of partners to progress its smart health and care agenda including:

  • eHealth Cluster - Developing and deploying effective, innovative products and services is complex and cuts across sectors. Success requires diversity of stakeholders.

To support innovation and growth in health, new ways of working together, making the most of local, fantastic resources and expertise is required – and that’s where Liverpool City Region eHealth Cluster comes in.

The eHealth Cluster Ltd is the only SME-led eHealth Cluster in the UK. It allows NHS Trusts and CCGs to engage effectively with local SMEs through collaborative cluster working. We believe in:

  • collaboration
  • being creative
  • responding to need and expectation
  • supporting industry

At the heart of the eHealth Cluster is a collaboration framework supporting a community of like-minded industry partners, health and care practitioners, academics and citizens. The eHealth Cluster offers NHS organisations a platform for dialogue, problem solving, partnership and sharing to:

  • increase the productivity of Cluster members,
  • drive innovation in health social care and community services,
  • stimulate LCR economic growth

LCR eHealth Cluster is a collaboration of resources and competences that has reached a critical threshold to give its’ members a key position in the field of health and care innovation. By bringing together very different worlds, it helps members to work out the best ways to work collaboratively. It makes it easier for commissioners to map and find out what technology and IPs are being developed; It enables technology companies to work more effectively with healthcare professionals, responding to real needs and issues; and it helps citizens impart their valuable perspective and experience to help develop the innovative approaches to service delivery and practice.

The collaboration stimulated by eHealth Cluster has given a sustainable competitive advantage to LCR. Local NHS Trusts have been showcased across Europe through the cluster. 

PSS Digital Health Service is supporting NHS LCCG and partners to deploy new ways to help people manage their health using online resources and digital technology. PSS plays an important role in the promotion and testing of new health technology and offers advice to people about the role technology can play in supporting behavioral change and self-care.

The team:

  • provides Florence (Simple Tele-health) training to GP practice staff to enable them to support patients monitor and manage their blood pressure at home. whilst retaining a clear and reliable link with primary care
  • delivers regular blood pressure pop-up events to help raise awareness of managing and maintaining healthy blood pressures
  • works with employers, staff, community groups and the general public to raise awareness on how they can better access new and existing resources to use in the promotion and management of health.

supporting the development of (whole) team confidence and skills in using “digital” technology

SS has designed and deliverers short, practical training courses to upskill attendees to enable them to return to their places of work/communities and continue to spread awareness of how to practically use technology and online resources to improve and manage their own health. All people trained are called Health Activators, by attending the courses they are upskilled (activated) and they go on and activate others, this has a ripple effect and spreads the knowledge and practical skills of how to improve self-care.

There are some films about our work here:

Design Team Shropshire

Shropshire Council’s Organisation Development Team (Workforce and Transformation) are a team of organisation development and design consultants.  They enable the organisations they work with to achieve strategic and operational goals by helping them to design and deliver cost effective, efficient, and customer-focused services. The team has been working alongside Liverpool CCG since 2012, providing service design capacity to the Digital Care and Innovation Team, and have been key partners in delivering many of their successful projects.

The team offers support in all aspects of organisations development and design, specialising in:

  • public service innovation
  • service design
  • event facilitation
  • design training
  • leadership development
  • culture change

The team works collaboratively with clients to design services that represent the perspectives of all stakeholders, while keeping the customer at the centre of the design and development process. In doing so, the team ensures that they will always;

  • design solutions that adds value to people’s lives
  • bring objectivity, independence, focus and clarity
  • co-design and co-create to ensure ownership and buy in from those who deliver services
  • help clients focus on the customer to redefine their organisation
  • take a robust design-based approach
  • focus on delivery, action, implementation and sustainable outcomes
  • help organisations strengthen and build capacity in their own workforce

The team has a wealth of public sector experience, and share a real passion and empathy for the people who both deliver and use public services. They understand the challenges that those in the public sector are currently facing and have the knowledge and expertise to help teams from across local government and health services to use design thinking to reshape their services for the benefit of both the end user and the organisation.

A partnership of 27 NHS organisations across Cheshire and Merseyside working to improve the experiences of women and children. The Partnership is one of the Vanguard New Care Model initiatives and one of seven maternity pioneers in the country.

Nationally, New Care Models are redesigning health and care services for the future by developing new ways to improve care for patients. Improving Me supports the local development of four service areas. These are:

  • Maternity
  • Gynaecology
  • Paediatrics
  • Neonatal

Working closely together, Improving Me is engaging with the people who use these services to create a more sustainable and person-centred model of care.

Sensor City is a Liverpool-based technical innovation centre and University Enterprise Zone. It fosters the creation, development, production and promotion of cutting edge sensor technologies for use in a wide range of sectors including health and care.

NHS Liverpool CCG has an office in the purpose-built technical and business support centre has been designed to meet the needs of our emerging and established industry partners. By working collaboratively, and creating a connected community, Sensor City aims to make Liverpool a global hub for sensor technologies.