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 Response Letter  Attachment  Summary of Information Requested
 43272  Document  AQP's
 43291  N/A  NHSE guidance in Continence care
 43511 N/A  GP Practices
 43293  Document  Community based services commissioned by the CCG
 43529  N/A  Incentive Schemes
 43546  N/A  Local Enhanced service or Local Incentive Service
 43564  N/A  Caesarean Sections
 43575  N/A  Payments to settle matters of dispute
 43576  N/A  GP Practices that have closed
43734 N/A Telehealth  Innovation and Development
44037 N/A

Surgical Procedures

43370 N/A

Use of Scanners

43915 N/A

NHS Treatments and Operations

43917 N/A

Narrative reports about serious incidents

43984 N/A

Services in 2018

44035 N/A

Community Urology Services

44038 N/A

Orthopaedic Services

43640 N/A

Fixed Telecommunications and Internet Services

43712 Document

CHC Packages