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July 2017

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG

Response Letter Attachments Summary of Information Requested
 39187  N/A  Body Dysmorphic Disorder
39161 Detailed Document Continuing Healthcare Policy
39185 N/A Liverpool Community Health (LCH)
39188 N/A NHS Continuing Health Care
39194 Detailed Response Bariatric Surgery
39190 N/A Wheelchair Services and Integrated Community Equipment Service
39184 N/A Babies and tongue-tie.
39224 N/A NHS Liverpool CCG Grants and Contracts
39234 N/A Metal Hip Resurfacing Procedures
39506 N/A Primary Care Payments
39356 N/A Prescriptions and Adderol and Modafinil
39313 Supporting Information CCG Finances
39311 N/A Liverpool CAMHS
38357 N/A Weight Management in the CCG area
39894 N/A CCG Overall Financial Spend
39641 N/A Overseas trip undertaken by CCG Staff
39642 N/A Complex Regional Pain syndrome referrals to Ellern Mede clinics.
39507 N/A NHS111 Services
39905 N/A Contact Details for CCG Members
39687 N/A Contact details for IT CCG members
39124 N/A Financial Spend
39532 Supporting Information CCG Financial Position
39894 N/A CCG Overall Financial Spend
39645 Spread sheet for financial spends  Financial Spend and Forecast for financial years
 39629  N/A  Senior Managers Pay rises