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March 2017

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG

Response Letter Attachments Summary of Information Requested
Click here (36478)   Children & Young People Eating Disorder Services
Click here (35615) Spreadsheet Neuro-Rehabilitation
Click here (35833)   Dementia
Click here (35618)   NHS 111 SUIs (Serious Untoward Incidents)
Click here (35840)   Externally contracted care for adults with a learning disability
Click here (35886)   Honey wound dressings on formulary
Click here (35841)   Expenditure on agency nursing services
Click here (35961)   IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies)
Click here (36116)

iLINKS Information Sharing Agreement

iLINKS Information Sharing Framework

Information Sharing Agreement
Click here (35892)


Breast cancer treatments
Click here (35869)


CCG staff contact details for rheumatology lead
Click here (35617)


Extended access to routine GP appointments
Click here (36428)


Antimicrobial resistance
Click here (35836) Spreadsheet Mental Health Funding
Click here (36500) Organisational Structure Organisational Structure
Click here (35964)   End of life care strategy
Click here (35873)   Change to management of medical centre
Click here (36354)   Hypoallergenic Formula
Click here (35896) Spreadsheet CCG Ophthalmology Services
Click here (36350)   IVF / Subfertility Policy
Click here (35627)   Proposed transfer of LCH to Bridgewater
Click here(35623)   Contractual arrangements regarding SSP Health practices in Liverpool
Click here (36352)   Expenditure on consultancy firms
Click here (36344)   Continuing Health Care (CHC) and workforce management
Click here (36358)   Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP)
Click here (35988)

Audit, Risk & Scrutiny Committee Paper 30/09/2016

MIAA Conflicts of Interest final report 2015/16

Audit, Risk & Scrutiny Committee Paper 29/07/2016

MIAA Conflicts of Interest Review 2015/16

Conflicts of Interest
Click here (36103)


Neurological Conditions
Click here (36505)


Training provided to personal health budget holders on continuing health care
Click here (36105)


Digital Lead contact details at CCG
Click here (35831)


iMerseyside response re IT