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November 2018

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG

Response Letter Attachments Summary of Information Requested
53395 N/A Gluten free prescribing
53401 N/A Recruitment of NHS staff
53430 N/A Formularies and Committees
53442 N/A Adult eating disorder service
53487 N/A Primary Care Networks
53562 N/A Local Enhanced Services
53567 N/A Hip & Knee Surgery

Digital Team Structure

Digital Strategy

IT Services
53766 N/A Interpreting Services
53812 Spreadsheet Neuro Rehab & mental ill-health
53862 N/A Personality Disorder Service
53965 N/A Registers of interest & external events
54105 N/A Out of Hours provision
54108 N/A Care Navigation in primary care
54136 N/A Maternity Services Payment
54139 N/A Children being sectioned
54148 N/A Pitolisant (Wakix) - Narcolepsy Drug
53968 N/A Healthcare software solutions
53565 List of GP Practices General Medical Services