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October 2018

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG


Response Letter Attachments Summary of Information Requested
51865 N/A Hernia Repair
52099 N/A Eating Disorders
52101 N/A Mental Health Services
52129 N/A Cyber Attacks
52158 N/A Clinical Leads
52167 N/A Primary Care Network Development Fund
52246 N/A Motor Neurone Disease Services
52251 N/A Violent Patient Scheme
52254 N/A MSK Service

Finance Structure

Contracts / Procurement Structure

Team Structures
52298 N/A NHS 111
52306 N/A Paediatric Inpatients
52505 N/A Single Item Quality Surveillance Group Meetings
52636 N/A Transgender Patients
52954 N/A Pharmaceutical Rebates
53018 N/A Delegated Home Visiting Services
53089 N/A Pathological Demand Avoidance
53241  N/A Individual / Exceptional Funding
52891 Spreadsheet of costs Complex care package costs
52519  List of care homes Complex Care Packages
52596 N/A Payment by results contracts
52165 N/A Primary Care Connect GP Surgeries