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April 2019

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG

Response Letter Attachments

Summary of Information Requested

57551 N/A

Intermediate Care Beds

57578 N/A

Staff contact details

57599 N/A

Interpretation Services

57607 Cataract surgery

Cataract Surgery

57631 N/A

Cannabis based medical products

57763 N/A

Mental health services for people with Parkinsons

57768 N/A


57786 N/A

Cataract referral process

57792 N/A

 MSK and diagnostic service providers

57801 N/A

Social Prescribing Lead

57857 Expenditure

MSK Services

57870 N/A

LCCG Patient Population

57891 N/A

End of Life Care

57902 N/A

S117 Mental Health Act

57966 Endoscopy spend

Endoscopy Services

57967 N/A

CHS Health Care

57997 Minutes of meeting

Pharmacy Services

57999 N/A

 Sexual health postal testing kits

58058 N/A

End of life care

58060 RAPID Review

Continuous glucose monitoring device access

58061 Specification

Weight Management Services

58123 N/A

Staff contact details

58124 N/A


58185 N/A

Staff contact details

58191 N/A

GP Online Consultation System Fund

58250 N/A

PHBs and Personal Wheelchair Budgets

58301 N/A

GP Services

58304 N/A

Spend / Transparency Data

58305 N/A

Mental Health Services

58307 N/A PCNs
58309 N/A Apprenticeship Levy Funds
58346 N/A Non emergency patient transport