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May 2019

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG

Response Letter Attachments

Summary of Information Requested

58403 N/A Homeless Patients
58455 N/A Funding to hospices
58456 Data Neuro Rehab
58458 Spreadsheet GP Practices Contact Information
58459 N/A Worster-Drought Syndrome
58484 N/A CHC Packages
58521 Performance Data Out of hours services
58614 N/A NHS Standard Contract for Termination of Pregnancy
58616 N/A Plastic Speculums
58630 N/A Rebates
58715 N/A Axial Spondyloarthritis
58719 N/A Estates and Technology Transformation Fund
58847 N/A PHBs
58850 Practice Details Surgical services in primary care
58851 N/A PCNs
58918 N/A Staff contact details
58951 N/A Respect form
58953 N/A Eye Drops
58954 N/A IAPT Services
59902 N/A Smoking cessation services
59905 N/A Anticoagulation service
59011 N/A Prescribing of aspirin and ibuprofen
59021 N/A Homeopathy
59076 N/A CHC
59169 N/A PCNs
59214 N/A Community equipment services