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February 2020

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG

Response Letter Attachments Summary of Information Requested
 65587  N/A  Elective Pathways
65655 Information Security Management Policy Cyber Security
65688 N/A Termination of pregnancy
65707 N/A Practice Managers
65873 N/A Children's learning disability
65878 N/A Educational setting mental health support
65882 N/A SEN Placements
65887 N/A LA funding
65893 N/A Advanced Nurse Practitioner Practice
65925 N/A Drug rebates
65993 N/A Pts with LD in Hosp Setting
66000 N/A Adult Disabilities fee ranges
66194 N/A Booking systems
65765 N/A Referral Management
65896 N/A Telemedicine
66066 N/A Agency spend
66177 N/A ASD
66191 N/A CANH
66196 N/A Independent advocacy
66317 Spreadsheet Health Services