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Community Investment

In 2014 NHS Liverpool CCG approved a £3m Community Grant fund for organisations supporting people's health and wellbeing, and in the second year of the programme an extra £200,000 was committed to community organisations running projects which help get people involved in physical activity.

You can view the Year 1 evaluation report for the community investment programme here.

You can see a full list of the organisations and groups we have been working with here.

In addition to the Community Grants programme, we invested over £350,000 in more than 100 community engagement projects with community organisations who work with us as partners on our engagement programme to enable us to hear the views of diverse communities from across the city.

Like all public sector organisations, NHS Liverpool CCG is facing an increasingly challenging financial situation. And as a result, we have not been able to open up a new round of grant funding applications for 2017/2018.

You can view the Summary of Natural Choices for Health & Wellbeing Evaluation Report here.