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Changes to Ordering Repeat Prescriptions - Pilot Autumn 2017


In Autumn 2017 we launched a pilot scheme around making some  changes to the way that repeat prescriptions can be ordered by patients.

The following GP surgeries in South Liverpool were involved in this pilot:

  • Grassendale Medical Practice
  • The Surgery Mather Avenue
  • Storrsdale Medical Centre
  • Fulwood Green Medical Centre
  • Woolton House Medical Centre
  • The Ash Surgery
  • The Surgery Gateacre Brow
  • The Village Medical Centre
  • Hunts Cross Health Centre


What changes were trialled?

From 20th September 2017 patients at these practices were no longer able to use a third party such as a high street or internet pharmacy to order repeat prescriptions on their behalf.

Instead, they were asked to order all repeat prescriptions for medication directly from their GP themselves. 


Why were these changes trialled?

To improve patient safety. Making this change will help ensure that all patients get the right medication, in the right quantities, at the right time. Sometimes when medications are ordered through a third party, patients can continue to receive medication that you no longer need. Only ordering medication when you need it can help prevent the build up of unused medicine at home, which has to be stored safely and used within date.

To reduce waste & save money. It is estimated that over-ordering, stockpiling, and not using medication costs the local NHS in Liverpool over £2 million per year. This is money that could be better used to benefit the health of more people in Liverpool.


How were patients consulted about this change?

All of these practices and their patients were invited to give their views and experiences as part of the evaluation of this change. A full evaluation report about this is available below.

Following it's successful implementation, we expect these changes to be introduced across all GP practices in Liverpool later in 2018.


Key Documents

Patient Information Leaflet 

Evaluation of Pilot

Frequently Asked Questions (September 2017)