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Questions about appointments


How can I get an appointment?

You can find a pre-bookable appointment for a Covid-19 vaccine now at or by calling 119.

You’ll be offered appointments based on the current availability of vaccination clinics near to you.

You may also be contacted - by phone, text or letter - by a local vaccination site linked to your GP practice when it is your turn to be vaccinated.

Any Deaf person who has a Liverpool GP can also book a BSL interpreter for their Covid vaccines through our new interpreter services provider Signalise Co-op. They can choose either a face to face or Video interpreter for this by texting Signalise Co-op on 07723 469028.


Can I just drop in anywhere?

Yes, you can also access a range of drop-in clinics taking place around the city.

Find the latest dates and venues here


Where else can I get a vaccination?

The NHS in Liverpool is hosting some vaccination clinics in community venues and via a mobile vaccination bus, specifically focussed on reaching into targeted areas of the city where vaccine take-up has been lower.

Vaccinations on the bus will be offered on either a drop-in or booked appointment basis – and people will be informed in advance when it’s due to be in their area.

Details of upcoming clinics can also be found here:


What if I am unable to attend a vaccination clinic?

Patients who are housebound and therefore unable to attend a vaccination site will be offered a vaccination at home via their GP practice or the Liverpool Roving Vaccination Team.

On average it takes 6 times longer to vaccinate someone at home so this service is only offered to those who are unable to leave their home.

If you need help with transport to and from vaccination clinics, Liverpool City Council offers a free taxi service on 0800 169 3032 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm).


Can I get the vaccine if I am not registered to a GP practice?

It's not possible to access the vaccine through the national NHS booking system if you are not a registered patient. However, no GP practice in Liverpool should turn you away if you contact them to explain your situation, providing that you are eligible to receive one.

If you are not currently registered to a GP practice, we would strongly recommend it. You can find some useful information on how to register with a GP practice here:

If you need any further help doing this, you can also get in touch with Healthwatch Liverpool for support at:  


Registering contact preferences for COVID-19 vaccinations

A new service has gone live to allow members of the public to register that they do not wish to receive national invitations or reminders for COVID-19 vaccination via the National Booking Service. Preferences can be changed at any time.

You can register your preferences via the National Booking Service and selecting the option ‘Choose your COVID-19 vaccination invitation preference’. Alternatively, you can call 119 to register your preferences.

Please note: using this service will only update your national NHS records. You may still receive separate letters, texts or calls from your GP or an organisation working on behalf of your GP. You will need to contact your GP practice to change these preferences.