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10 Minute Motivations re-launched for 2018

05 Jan 2018

This is the latest health advice from Liverpool’s Fit for Me campaign, which gets a re-boot this month to help encourage people across the city to get moving over new year and beyond.

Developed in partnership by Liverpool City Council and NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, Fit for Me has already reached more than 100,000 people across the city since it first launched in summer 2016.

But latest research shows that around 25% of people living in the city are still inactive, and a further 11% are fairly active (not reaching the recommended guidelines of 150 minutes of physical activity per week) - with one of the main reasons given for this being a lack of time in their busy lives.

That’s why Fit for Me will be encouraging everyone to take part in short bursts of activity this January, starting with just 10 minutes at a time.

Anyone can take part and find ideas for 10 Minute Motivations as well as top tips to help you get started by logging onto:

You can also get inspired by watching two Fit for Me Ambassadors sharing their own real life stories about their journey to becoming more active as short films here:

Des’ story -

Kerry’s story -

Dr Maurice Smith, a GP at Mather Avenue Surgery in Allerton and NHS Liverpool CCG’s Clinical Lead for Living Well said:

“As the New Year starts, perhaps we’ve resolved to do things differently; to drink a bit less perhaps, to lose a bit of weight, or maybe to join the gym – but often these type of New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep.

“That’s where the 10 Minute Motivations come in. Believe it or not, you don’t need to spend hours and hours exercising to live an active lifestyle. In fact, just doing 10 minutes of physical activity here and there can make a big difference to your health and wellbeing.

“Taking part in the 10 minute motivations is all about committing to doing ten minutes more of physical activity each day – which is something we can all do. Whether that’s hopping off the bus a stop early, walking the kids to school instead of driving, or taking a short walk during your lunch break – as long as it gets your heart beating a bit faster and makes you breathe a bit harder, it all counts.”

As part of the 10 Minute Motivations re-launch for 2018, the Fit for Me campaign will also be at a number of local events where people can get more help and support to get active.

On Sunday 7th January you can take part in a Family Fitness Day at Sefton Park Palm House from 12 – 4pm. The Fit For Me team will be on hand to give advice on what you can do to make small changes to start to become more active. You can take part in a range of free activity taster sessions and get the family involved too.

In addition, team will also on hand to offer advice about getting active at a Live Well Event taking place on Tuesday 16th January at BBC Radio Merseyside. You can drop into their BBC studios on Hanover Street from 11am – 3pm to chat to the team, and access lots of other health and wellbeing support to help you be healthier in 2018.

Cllr Tim Beaumont, Mayoral Lead for Wellbeing Liverpool City Council said:

“Getting a bit more physical activity into your day is one of the best changes you can make this year to improve your health and wellbeing. Being inactive puts people at a much higher risk of becoming overweight, as well as developing long-term illnesses such as type two diabetes, heart disease and dementia.

“Making small changes to how active you are can offer a wide range of health benefits. It can give you more energy, help keep you healthy, make you feel less tired or stressed, lift your mood, improve your sleep and boost your confidence.

“It doesn’t take long to feel the benefits either. It’s all about finding the right fit for you – something that you enjoy, perhaps something you can do with a friend or family member, or just something that can fit into busy life.”

Join in with free local activities, special offers and motivational support at or see how active you are by taking the Fit for Me quiz at:

You can also look out for the campaign on Facebook and Twitter @fitformelpool #fitformelpool #joininfeelgood

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