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Blog: How you can help us create a Healthy Liverpool for everyone

02 Feb 2016

Healthy Liverpool is our vision for the future of health and care services in the city. It’s a five-year programme which started in 2013 and we need your help as we begin work on the next phase.

Liverpool has high levels of poor health compared to other parts of the country and even within the city there are big variations. Healthy Liverpool is about arranging our health services in a way that means you will receive the same standard of care wherever you are. It will also mean that our health services can meet the needs of this generation and the next.

We want to make sure we get this right and we can only do this if we hear your views.

The people of Liverpool have been involved in the work we’ve done up to now, which has also included the city’s NHS organisations; Liverpool City Council, which is responsible for social care; and other public services and community organisations. 

Last summer we asked people in Liverpool to comment on the reasons why we think things need to change, and our proposals for what this change might look like.

More than 14,000 of you responded, giving us a good deal of feedback. Here are some of the views we heard:

  • People want more out-of-hours appointments with GPs and hospitals to reduce the pressure on accident and emergency (A&E). They also told us that the process for making GP appointments needs to be better.
  • Poverty may discourage people from making healthy choices and looking after their health.
  • Mental health and access to mental health services need to be a high priority.
  • Most people want to do more to improve their own health but they need more information and support to do this.
  • People are broadly supportive of Healthy Liverpool’s vision and intentions; you now want to hear more about the detail.

Using this information, we were able to break Healthy Liverpool up into five main areas. These are:

  • living well
  • digital care and innovation
  • community care
  • urgent and emergency care
  • hospital services.

We now need to look into these in more detail. This will involve more discussions with the people who provide the services but we also need to know what the people of Liverpool think. This work will run from 1 February until 20 March 2016.

We’ll be holding a number of events where you can share your views and we will also be putting surveys online so you can get in touch with us electronically if that’s more convenient. Information in paper copies and different languages is available by calling 0151 247 6409.

In addition to attending one of our events you can also keep up to date by visiting and following us on social media:

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform health and social care and we need the people of Liverpool to help make it happen.

By Dr Nadim Fazlani, Chair of NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group



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