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Changes for Dr Mangarai’s GP practice

07 Nov 2019


NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is writing to patients at Dr Mangarai’s GP practice in Speke to let them know that the two GP partners who currently run the practice have given notice on their contract. This means they will stop managing it by March 2020.

Dr Mangarai’s GP practice is one of three separate GP practices operating out of Speke Neighbourhood Health Centre, and has around 2,500 registered patients. The other two GP practices in the health centre are not affected. 

NHS Liverpool CCG, which is responsible for planning GP services, is now taking steps to ensure that patients at the practice continue to receive GP services. 

At this stage, the CCG believes that the best option would be to transfer all of Dr Mangarai’s patients to the two other GP practices based in Speke Neighbourhood Health Centre. This is because it would mean that patients could get their GP care in the same place they do now.

The other option that the CCG could explore would be to set up a new contract for a new provider to take on the current list of patients at Dr Mangarai’s practice. However this would need to be offered as a fixed-term contract, which could cause further uncertainty for patients at the practice.

The CCG is currently in the process of writing to all patients at Dr Mangarai’s GP practice to explain the situation, and invite people to share their views. These letters should arrive by 11 November 2019. At the same time the CCG is talking to the two other GP practices in Speke Neighbourhood Health Centre about their ability to take new patients.

For the time being, Dr Mangarai’s patients should continue to use their practice in exactly the same way they do now – they don’t need to do anything differently or take any immediate action.

As soon as a final decision has been made the CCG will write to patients again to update them. This is likely to be during December 2019.

In the meantime, patients can share their views with the CCG or raise any questions they might have in any of the following ways: 

By email:

By phone: 0151 247 6409

By texting: 07920 206 386

In person: at a patient drop-in session at the practice (details will be in the patient letter)

In writing: Engagement team, NHS Liverpool CCG, 5th floor, The Department, 2 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, L1 2SA


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