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Community equipment amnesty in Liverpool

22 Sep 2016

Liverpool Community Health (LCH) NHS Trust’s Community Equipment Service has announced a community equipment amnesty this week.

The service, which provides free NHS equipment to support patients across Liverpool, is encouraging patients to return all NHS loaned community equipment to the service once they no longer need it, so it can be cleaned, recycled and reused.

The community equipment amnesty is being undertaken as part of a drive to improve sustainability and reduce wastage within the service.

Not returning items of NHS community equipment costs the local NHS over £500,000 every single year, which is money that could instead be re-invested into supporting other patients.

Some specific examples of how much money could be saved by returning unused items of community equipment include:

  • Each manual wheelchair returned saves the NHS at least £135 
  • Each walking stick returned saves the NHS approximately £15 
  • Each seat returned saves the NHS approximately £25-50.

Allan Rimmer, Service Lead for the Community Equipment Service said:

“Everyone will be aware of the financial pressures currently facing the NHS, and the Community Equipment Amnesty was one way that our team felt we could help save some money locally.

“We want to encourage everyone in the local community who has community equipment on loan from the NHS which they no longer use or need, to return it to us as soon as possible.”

Common examples of NHS equipment that often get forgotten and left unreturned include: manual wheelchairs, walking frames or sticks, supportive seating, and specialist mattresses or cushions.

If you or a relative has NHS equipment you no longer require, you can arrange for it to be collected free of cost at a time suitable for you by calling: 0151 295 9816.

Alternatively, you can also return it to the NHS Community Equipment Service yourself during opening hours (Mon to Fri, 8am – 5pm) at either of the following addresses:

LCH Community Equipment Store, Units 4 -7 Graylaw Trading Estate, Aintree, L9 7AU 

LCH Community Equipment Store, Lifehouse Centre, Summers Road

Brunswick Business Park, Liverpool, L3 4BL

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