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Double awards shortlisting for Community Care Teams

04 Oct 2017

NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust (LCH) have been shortlisted for the Best Nursing Technology category for the 2017 ehi Awards. 

The awards nomination is for the development of a new information gathering and patient assessment tool known as ‘GATE’, which is supporting local Community Care Teams to deliver a more proactive model of care for vulnerable patients in Liverpool.

The shortlisting is the second recognition the project has received, after also being nominated for a Nursing Times Awards, in the category of innovative use of ‘technology and data in nursing’ last month. 

The GATE tool (Generic Assessment Tool and Evaluation) allows Community Care Teams – including GPs, District Nurses, Community Matrons, Social Workers, Mental Health Professionals, Therapists and other specialist nursing teams - to identify those at a high risk of a hospital admission, and proactively provide support to keep them safe, well, and able to remain at home.

This additional support could include crisis intervention and short-term care plans to help prevent an unnecessary hospital admission following a sudden deterioration in health, or longer-term packages of care to support the ongoing management of long-term conditions at home. 

The GATE tool was developed for use by Community Care Teams, in partnership between Liverpool CCG, Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool City Council and Informatics Merseyside.

The approach was initially developed and piloted in a small neighbourhood area of South Liverpool, but has now been adopted by all 92 GP practices across the city.

It is already contributing to a reduction of avoidable hospital admissions across the city, with local performance figures showing that avoidable emergency admissions are down by 10% compared to the previous year (2015/16), bucking the national trend of 4% increase.

Dr Rachel Disley, a local GP and Neighbourhood Lead for South Liverpool, was part of the team behind the tool. She explains:  

“Last year we introduced a new way of organising ourselves as GPs, working closely with health and social care professionals through Community Care Teams, in order to help remove organisational barriers and provide a more person-centred model of care for patients receiving out of hospital treatment. 

“The GATE is a fantastic assessment tool which is supporting us in this new way of working, and is helping us to be relentlessly pro-active in ensuring that patients receive the care they need in the community as quickly as possible, without being passed around the system.” 

Helen Halliwell, Community Matrons for Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust said:  

"It’s fantastic that the work we have developed and shared across the city has now received national recognition. The success of the GATE has greatly improved the quality of care to some of our most vulnerable patients and has been the catalyst for true integrated working between a range of health and social care professionals."

Dr Janet Bliss, Clinical Director for Community Services at NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said of the shortlisting: 

“We are absolutely delighted by this recognition of the technology and innovation behind our development of the GATE assessment tool, which is playing an important part in our transformation of community services city-wide.

“It is a huge credit to the hard work and commitment of our community teams who have supported the development of the GATE tool, which is already successfully supporting many vulnerable people in our communities to keep well, remain independent and stay out of hospital wherever possible.”

As a finalist for the ehi Award, members of the team will be invited to present the project to a panel of judges on Monday 30th October 2017, and winners will be announced at an Awards Ceremony held at ehi Live Conference on Tuesday 31st October at NEC Birmingham.

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