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Have your say on proposed changes to health policies

21 Aug 2017

It's still not too late to have your say on some proposed changes to NHS health policies in Liverpool.

Earlier in the summer, public engagement started for the first phase of the ‘reviewing local health policies’ project, with the aim of making sure local health care follows the latest medical guidance and is making the best possible use of NHS resources.

The project has seen NHS Liverpool CCG, together with Halton, Knowsley, Southport and Formby, South Sefton, St Helens and Warrington CCGs, working together to review more than 100 health policies.

This first phase has been looking at 36 different health policies, with views being sought from the public, patients and staff for 18 where there are proposed changes.

These include proposed changes to policies around nose jobs, removal of breast implants, and improvements to guidelines around cataract surgery and updated haemorrhoidectomy guidance.

Dr Simon Bowers, GP and Chair of NHS Liverpool CCG said:

“We’ve had a great response to our public engagement since June, as we look to ensure services are up to date with the latest national guidelines, methods and technology, whilst also making the best use of resources.

“When we make any changes, it’s vital that the views of the public, patients and staff are heard and taken into account.

He added: “Where patients might not be eligible for treatment following any changes, clinicians will explore other, more suitable treatments or can apply for an individual funding request (IFR) if there is an exceptional circumstance.”

You can view all of the policies being reviewed and have your say by completing the online survey: which is open until the 18th September 2017.

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