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Liverpool to be NHS App pilot

07 Sep 2018

At the NHS Expo in Manchester, Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock set out his plans to make the NHS an ecosystem for the best technology available, building on the £20 billion long-term plan to transform health and social care.

As part of his speech, he announced that a new NHS App will be piloted in five areas in England from next month, including Liverpool, Hastings, Bristol, Staffordshire and South Worcestershire, ahead of national roll out.

Over the coming weeks, Liverpool CCG will be working with a number of local GP practices in Liverpool to test and pilot the new app.

The pilot means that patients in the six pilot practices in Liverpool will soon be able to download a beta version of the NHS App.

Patients who agree to take part in the trail will be sent a text message from their GP practice inviting them to download the app, which allows access to a range of services with the tap of a button, from a mobile phone or device. 

This includes things like: booking GP appointments, ordering repeat prescriptions, viewing their medical record, accessing 111 online for urgent medical queries, setting data sharing preferences, or recording organ donation preferences.

The speech coincided with a major report from the pharmaceutical company Roche entitled, ‘NHS at 100: aspirations for the future of healthcare in England’. 

The report suggests that 85% of adults welcome the NHS App, 89% of adults are comfortable sharing their health data with the NHS, and 90% of adults would be comfortable with the NHS analysing their health data for better diagnosis and personalised treatment.

Local practices taking part in the trial in Liverpool include: Westmoreland GP Centre, Walton Medical Centre, Westminster Medical Centre, Marylebone Health Centre, Oak Vale Medical Centre, and Brownlow Health.

The intention is that the new NHS app will be available to all patients in England by the end of the year.

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