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Lung cancer awareness month supermarket events

01 Nov 2018

NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Public Health Liverpool will be teaming up with Macmillan and Cancer Research UK to help raise awareness of lung health problems as part of Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

The aim of the campaign, which will run throughout November, is to encourage people displaying the early symptoms of lung cancer, such as a persistent cough, breathlessness or unexplained weight loss, to visit their GP and get it checked out.

Liverpool has one of the highest mortality rates for lung cancer and other lung diseases in England, and it’s also estimated that there’s around 12,000 people living with undiagnosed COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) across the city.

As part of the awareness month, there will be a series of lung health supermarket events taking in the Walton area of Liverpool, supported by the Community Health Ambassador Team (CHATs), Macmillan, and Cancer Research UK.

The events will be held at the following times and locations:




Tuesday 6th November

10am - 2pm

Tesco County Road, Lowell St, Liverpool

L4 3QW

Wednesday 7th November

10am - 2pm

Asda, Utting Ave, Walton, Liverpool

L4 9XU


At each of these drop-in events, people will be able to get lots of advice about the positive things they can do to improve their lung health, pick up free information and resources to take away, and also referrals to services which can offer further support.

Clinical staff from Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital will also be on hand to offer on-the-spot breathing tests (spirometry tests), and talk about any concerns they may have.

Since 2016, the local NHS has also been inviting people aged between 58 – 75 years who have ever smoked, and who live in areas of the city, with high levels of lung disease to attend a Lung Health Clinic  or ‘MOT’ at their local GP surgery.


Throughout Lung Cancer Awareness Month, the programme will be available in the Walton area of the city, and people can get more information about attending one of these clinics at the events.

To date, these health check clinics have successfully found and treated 48 cases of early stage lung cancer amongst Liverpool residents since the programme first launched in summer 2016, and they are continuing to spot 1-2 new cases every month.

Over 75% have found at an early stage of the disease, before symptoms are even showing; whereas typically 70% of lung cancer cases are not diagnosed until a late stage in Liverpool, when treatment is more difficult.

To find out if your GP practice is offering the lung health check, please ask at your practice reception.

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