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New Chair announced for Liverpool CCG

19 Jul 2017

Dr Simon Bowers has been elected as the new Chair of NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). 

Simon is a GP at Fulwood Green Medical Centre in Aigburth and has served on the Governing Body as Clinical Vice Chair since 2013.

Dr Simon Bowers said of this new appointment as Chair of the CCG:

“I take this role on at an extremely challenging time for the NHS nationally. In Liverpool, the system is busier than at any time in the NHS’s history, at a time when austerity is biting harder in our city than almost anywhere in the UK.

"Getting services right for our community has never been more vital and I feel privileged to be able to work with GP, hospital, community and social care colleagues to strive to improve the care we deliver to the people of Liverpool. I’m very grateful to my predecessor Nadim for his hard work as chair and support to our Governing Body”

Dr Bowers will replace Dr Nadim Fazlani in his role as Chair with immediate effect, following his decision to step down as Chair of the CCG earlier this month, after more than five years in the role.

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