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Patients transferred to new GP practices following closures

02 Jul 2018

NHS Liverpool CCG has written to 10,600 patients to assign to a new GP practice, ahead of the closure of four practices in the city.

The vast majority of patients - more than 90% - are being automatically transferred to another GP practice in the same building as their current GP.

The rest will be automatically transferred to another GP practice close to where they live.

The four affected GP practices are currently run by not-for-profit organisation Healthaction, but are due to close by the end of July.

They are:

  • Healthaction Breeze Hill, Breeze Hill Health Centre, Rice Lane, L9
  • Healthaction Robson Street, Mere Lane Health Centre, L5
  • Healthaction Stanley Road, Stanley Road Health Centre, L5
  • Healthaction Childwall, Fiveways Health Centre, Childwall Road, L15.

None of the other six GP practices who share buildings/health centres with Healthaction are closing.

The decision to close the practices came after Healthaction gave notice to the CCG that it would be ending its contracts, after experiencing problems recruiting doctors on a long-term basis.

All patients registered with a Healthaction practice will receive a letter informing them about who their new GP practice will be, and when they should start using it.

Patients do not need to take any further action. All medical records will be securely transferred to their new practice. People also have the right to choose a different GP practice if they would prefer, and the letter tells them how to do this.

Anyone registered with a Healthaction practice who does not receive a letter by 6 July 2018, should contact NHS Liverpool CCG on 0845 111 0692 (between 10am-12pm, or 2pm- 4pm, Monday to Friday).

Dr Fiona Lemmens, GP and Chair of NHS Liverpool CCG said; “We recognise that the decision to close these GP practices has been unsettling for patients, but we believe that transferring these patients to an alternative GP practice is the best way to ensure that they can receive the highest standard of GP care in the future.

“Throughout this process, our main priority has been to ensure continuity of care and the minimal amount of disruption possible, which is why we are automatically transferring all patients to another GP practice within the same building as their current practice, or at another suitable practice close to where they live.”

To help support patients with this change, the CCG will also be hosting a series of patient drop-in sessions at the following times:

  • 10th July - 10:30-12:30pm at Breeze Hill Health Centre
  • 11th July - 9:30-12:30pm at Childwall Fiveways Health Centre
  • 16th July – 1.00-4.00pm at Mere Lane Health Centre
  • 18th July – 1.00-4.00pm at Stanley Road Health Centre

No appointment is needed – patients can just drop in.

Patients can also contact the CCG on: 0845 111 0692 (between 10am-12pm, or 2pm- 4pm, Monday to Friday) if they have any questions, or to share comments or concerns.

Any patients who need this information in another language or format can contact the CCG to request this by calling 0845 111 0692 or emailing:, or visit:

For further information about this, or to access this information in another format please click here

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