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Safeguarding pledge launched in Liverpool

18 Nov 2020


This National Safeguarding Adults Week (16-22 November 2020), Liverpool City Council and the NHS in Liverpool are joining together to sign a pledge to uphold adult safeguarding responsibilities in the city.

The protection of adults at risk from abuse, neglect and exploitation is fundamental to delivering good population health and wellbeing outcomes.

Liverpool City Council works with all its partners as well any other organisations that work closely with people in the community to make sure that they have safeguarding polices in place. Policies set out how organisations will protect and support adults who are at risk from abuse or neglect.

The Liverpool Safeguarding Pledge has been co-authored with Liverpool Safeguarding Adults Governance Group, which consists of senior managers/officers from agencies across the city.

The pledge aims to encourage all organisations in the city to commit to sharing the same responsibilities and personalised approach to safeguarding adults.

The pledge consists of nine pledge principles

  1. As agencies, we accept that safeguarding is everyone’s business.
  2. We commit to work together to support and improve the wellbeing of adults in Liverpool.
  3. We accept our responsibility to act as safeguarding role models for adults in Liverpool.
  4. Within our own agencies and organisations, we recognise, report and respond to safeguarding concerns and issues.
  5. We support and empower all adults to make choices and have control about how they want to live their life.
  6. We seek to support all adults, families, advocates and professionals to understand and engage in safeguarding processes and enquiries.
  7. We champion outcomes of safeguarding enquiries meaningful to all adults and their families.
  8. We promote a culture where safeguarding is openly discussed and reported.
  9. We encourage training and embedding learning from safeguarding concerns.

You can watch a number of organisations in the city pledge their support in this short video: watch it here. 

For further information regarding safeguarding adults at risk, visit:

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