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Start some healthy habits this Self Care Week

13 Nov 2017

Self Care Week is an annual health campaign that aims to help people understand what they can do to look after their own health, and that of their family.

Self care is all about taking good care of yourself, so that you avoid becoming ill in the first place. It also involves understanding what steps you can take to treat minor illnesses and ailments at home.

This year’s Self Care Week theme is ‘Self Care for Life’ emphasizing the importance of good self care as a way of life.

Dr Maurice Smith, GP and Clinical Director for Living Well at NHS Liverpool CCG said,“Self care is all about looking after our own health by choosing a lifestyle that helps prevent illness and keeps us well.

“We know, for example, that over 400 deaths in Liverpool could be prevented every year just through doing the recommended 30 minutes of moderate physical activity for 5 days per week.

“Even if this seems too difficult, doing something to get yourself more active is always better than doing nothing when it comes to your health, because even small changes can add up to a big change. Making a change could be something as simple as choosing to walk to the local shops or on the school run rather than driving, or taking a brisk walk each day during your lunch break at work.” 

Five simple steps towards good self care include:

  • Looking after yourself by keeping active and choosing a healthy, balanced diet
  • Keeping a well-stocked medicine cabinet for managing any common, self-treatable conditions at home – your local pharmacist can advise you on what’s good to have at home
  • Using a local pharmacist or to seek out advice on treatment for any minor ailments or common winter illnesses such as coughs, colds, sore throats and flu like symptoms
  • If you have a long-term health condition such as diabetes, COPD, arthritis or asthma, self care is also about understanding your condition and how to live with it and manage it well.
  • In addition, if you are over 65, pregnant, have a long-term condition, or are a carer for someone who does, you should also get a free NHS seasonal flu vaccine from your GP surgery.

Dr Fionna Lemmens, GP and Urgent & Emergency Care Lead for NHS Liverpool CCG said:

“At this time of year GP surgeries, NHS Walk-in Centres and hospital A&E departments can become extremely busy and we are asking members of the public to support their NHS by knowing when to treat minor conditions at home, and when it’s the right time to seek further support from local health services.

“Hospital A&E Departments are there to care for people in very serious, life-threatening situations such as heart attacks, strokes, and major bleeding that require emergency care.”

She adds, “This winter, we want to ask everyone to support their local doctors, nurses and other NHS staff by examining their options and considering where the best place for their treatment really is, keeping A&E free for those who really need it.”

For more information and ideas on easy ways to get active, or to get inspired by local people who already have, you can visit:

For more information on accessing the right health services for your needs, visit:



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