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Stoma service survey

30 Jul 2019

The NHS in Liverpool wants to improve care for adults and children using stoma products. Before we make any changes we’d like to hear from people using stoma products, families, carers and support organisations.

A stoma is an opening on your abdomen that can be connected to either your digestive or urinary system. There are three main types: colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy.

Stoma surgery is undertaken to treat a range of illnesses including cancer, diverticulitis and Crohn’s disease or following a trauma to the abdomen.

At the moment, once you are discharged from hospital your repeat prescriptions for stoma products are issued by your GP (family doctor).

We’re proposing that in the future this is done by a specialist stoma products ordering service overseen by stoma nurses. The service would include regular contact and reviews by the new service and stoma nurses.

You can read about the proposed service on our website.

Please take a few minutes to tell us what you think by filling in this short survey.

For any enquiries please get in touch:

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